Best Places to Live in Georgia for Black Families 

It’s because of the unique facilities the state offers or because of the beauty of the state that Georgia is getting an increase in population each year. With over 10 million residents and growing, the …

It’s because of the unique facilities the state offers or because of the beauty of the state that Georgia is getting an increase in population each year. With over 10 million residents and growing, the state draws new residents to the various cities and regions with distinctive features and cultural differences in their natural environment, landscape services, and management. This answer is the reason why Atlanta is the best place to live for families of colour. For families of colour, Georgia is welcoming. Georgia has plenty of African American residents living a healthful lifestyle with facilities. Whatever your choice is or where you’re from, these places can assist you in finding the perfect place to live in the state of peaches.


Alpharetta is just 25 miles from Atlanta. With a population of more than 60 thousand people, this city is home to one of the most hospitable services for families of any size. The city is often referred to as an alternate to Atlanta because it has amenities similar to Atlanta with fewer people. Many people consider this area an ideal place to live in due to its main attraction, the Avalon. Avalon is a city with numerous services, including eating establishments, shopping malls and community centres which host a variety of private and cultural occasions for residents. At this location, you can unwind at the spa, get fit at the yoga studios or watch films in the theatre hall. Alpharetta is open to families of colour without any issues. Residents are welcoming enough.


If you’d like to reside in a quieter and smaller area in the state, Canton is the ideal city for you. Canton is home to a total population of 26,600. The city covers over 17 sq miles. It is located close to the countryside. You can also visit the agricultural areas. With a smaller size and smaller population, you’ll be able to find plenty of space to move around and spend the time of your life with your family. The school systems in Canton are excellent. Canton is very welcoming to African Americans, with as many amenities available to them as anyone else. There are a variety of activities to enjoy within Canton, Georgia, like Cherokee County History Museum, River Marina on Lake Allatoona along with Woodmont Golf and Country Club.


We’ve all known a lot about the city. Athens has exceptional advantages ready to help you with its fantastic entertainment options. In addition, events are happening in the town now and then, making the residents so vibrant. The houses in this area are much cheaper than in other cities around. In addition, you will also find numerous unique dining options, a wide range of entertainment options, and gorgeous parks to enjoy a wonderful time. Residents of Athens are so welcoming to visitors from all over the world and will be welcoming black families. Athens has many attractions, such as the Botanical Garden of Georgia, Bear Hollow Zoo, Birchmore Trail, Georgia Museum of Art and Georgia Museum of Natural History. We hope this article can assist you in choosing the most desirable locations to reside in Georgia.


There’s much to talk about in the city of Decatur. But, it could be summarised by the fact that Georgia’s town of 27,000 residents is often voted as the top city to reside in Georgia: While Decatur is within the city of downtown Atlanta, the city is distinct and has its character and charm. The streets of the Downtown area have local restaurants, bars and stores that draw huge crowds daily. This makes it the most frequent stop for residents. Although it’s likely to cost more money to buy an apartment in Decatur, and the median is $365,900 – the residents will assure you it’s worth it.


Living in Gainesville guarantees that you’ll remain within a short distance of one of the more renowned lakes in the nation, Lake Lanier. The city’s population is around 55,000 residents, an excellent area to live in for those who love the outdoors. Gainesville was the host of the Olympic Games in 1996. Olympic Games in 1996, since rowing venues can be found along the shores of Lake Lanier. Atlanta is just a one-hour drive south. The mountainous foothills of the North Georgia mountains are only 1 hour north. Gainesville can also be the principal business hub for most of northeast Georgia, which is why, with a median home price below $250,000, it’s the best option for black families.

Johns Creek

The City of Johns Creek touts itself as “the exception to every day.” Johns Creek is full of trails and parks to wander outdoors, as well as bars, restaurants, and nightlife venues that will keep your interest. The best part is that John’s Creek is incredibly safe compared to other Atlanta suburbs and is something that everyone enjoys. Johns Creek houses some of Atlanta’s most desirable neighbourhoods, with the most elite St.Ives Country Club, so it’s a commonplace to see high-end homes with a price tag of millions of dollars. Residents love the area for its secure neighbourhood cleanliness and security; Johns Creek is undoubtedly an expensive area to live in, with a more excellent median value of $447,000 for a home.


Just 30 miles to the north of Atlanta, the city’s boundaries comprise over 12 sq miles with more than 30,000. Residents. The city’s dynamic and vibrant is classified as a Georgia PlanFirst Community and has been awarded the Georgia Municipal Association’s Work, Play City Award. The city is known for its bustling downtown and world-class park tracks; Woodstock is home to hundreds of thriving small-scale businesses, as well as regional tourism and shopping places. Also, it’s an excellent place to raise families because of an exceptional school system, a variety of parks and a low crime rate.

East Cobb/Marietta

Marietta is an ideal area for those who are just a few minutes from Atlanta but prefer to be in a suburb. About 60,000 residents love Marietta. Marietta is awash with theatres, museums and 18 parks. Therefore no matter if you have kids or enjoy weekends off from the house, Marietta is sure to please. There’s plenty to appreciate, even though the median house price in Marietta, which is just under $210,000, is much lower than what you’d pay for houses in the other Atlanta suburbs.

Peachtree City

With a name such as Peachtree City, it ought not to be surprised that this city is anything but idyllic. It’s also regarded as the most secure town in Georgia and the top five percentile for all of the country, according to information provided by the FBI. A fascinating aspect of the city is that it’s legal to drive a golf cart and many residents use them. Peachtree City, also located in the newly-planned development known as Pinewood Forest, has enlisted some of the region’s most trained architects to create the most prestigious “live, create and play community” only 15 miles to the south from the airfield.

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